Som Kesa's "Easy Entertaining Thai-Style" Cooking Class

Congratulations to Som Kesa who has begun offering cooking classes to her fans! Most recently, Som held an "Easy Entertaining, Thai-Style" class in her home for ten people. The group made potstickers, a side dish made from leftover potsticker filling, red chicken curry and black rice pudding with coconut cream for dessert.

Som will continue to have updates on future classes but in the meantime, you can also have Som's dishes delivered to you through Lish. Find her offerings here at this link

MasterChef Amanda Saab's Lovely "Bake a Naked Cake" Class

Seattle MasterChef Amanda Saab and the "Bake a Naked Cake" Class

Seattle MasterChef Amanda Saab and the "Bake a Naked Cake" Class

It has been an incredible honor working with such amazing people this past couple of months for two recent events, one of them being the Pop:Luck, and the other was "Bake a Naked Cake" with Seattle MasterChef Amanda Saab. This was such a great class because of everyone involved. A special thank you to the Amazon employees in attendance! We also had people drive up from Renton and Tacoma, and a newlywed couple who were just adorable.

Amanda is a true star in our city and is one of the loveliest people I've ever met. She is driven, has a huge heart, and wants to bring beautiful things to the world. Amanda and I met a few months ago through social media and I did a blog post on her post-MasterChef life. We kept chatting and then met in person over coffee and to talk about our dreams! We have so much in common and I loved her passion so I knew immediately I wanted to work with her somehow. A few discussions later, we came up with the "Bake a Naked Cake" class and started working to make it happen.

Being a team with Amanda was nothing short of brilliant and I respect her hard work and creativity so much. She executes on plans quickly and always thinks of ways to make things the best they can be. Thank you Amanda for teaming up with me for this class it was an honor! Stay tuned for other projects from the two of us. I also want to give recognition to other friends including Amanda's husband Hussein, Andrea Gillis, Meme Montemayor, Preeti Mehta and Josh Grob for helping out with the event. Everyone rolled their sleeves up to make sure the preparations were done, that guests were taken care of and that things ran as seamless as possible, including doing dishes, sweeping and cleaning! Thank you to all of you!


Sponsors Fred Meyer and Simple & Crisp

A big shout-out to Fred Meyer and Simple & Crisp for sponsoring our class at Zoe Events! And to Scott and Heather Staples who have a truly beautiful venue to have an event in. 

Now on to the sweetness: Vanilla Bean Cake with Buttercream Frosting filled with Citrus and Berry Filling as well as edible flowers!

Pre-Event Preparations, Goodie Bags from Fred Meyer and Snacks

Class Begins




We hope everyone had a lovely time and we look forward to keeping in touch! To follow Amanda and the latest in what she's up to, you can "Like" her Facebook page or follow her Blog

(May 8, 2016) Fun Post-Class Tidbit: A Naked Cake for Mom on Mother's Day!

Mother's Day "Naked Cake" from Amy Ginther

What an incredible testament to Amanda's class and the joy it brought people.... The mother of student Amy Ginther loved Amy's cake so much, she requested one for Mother's Day, which Amy happily made for her.... :-)

Thank you so much to Amy and your mom for continuing the Naked Cake journey and sharing your story!

(As a side note: You can make a sheet cake, then use a round cutter to get your individual, round cakes. Amanda used this product, which we sent to Amy too for her Mother's Day cake.)

"Naked Cake" Baking Class with MasterChef Amanda Saab

"Naked Cake" Class with MasterChef Amanda Saab

Please join Seattle's MasterChef, Amanda Saab, in the beautiful Zoe Events Space (formerly Restaurant Zoe) for the latest trend in baking: Naked Cakes! A Naked Cake has no frosting on the sides and is decorated with special ingredients to create the final masterpiece. Create your own cake, bake your cake and decorate your cake to take home! For this class, we'll be using spring berries and flowers. (This class is limited to 20 people.) 

Ask us about the special group and corporate price! ($90)

This event is sponsored by Fred Meyer and Simple & Crisp.... Thank you to the Fred Meyer and Simple & Crisp teams!

When: Saturday, April 23, 2016 from 10am - 1 pm

Where: Zoe Events is located at 1318 E. Union St. in Capitol Hill

Tickets: $90-$125

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