A "Magical" Evening ~ Our Pop:Luck

PopLuck at The Kitchen by Delicatus in Pioneer Square

It has been quite the week of reflecting back on what was a very meaningful evening for me; Our first Pop:Luck at The Kitchen by Delicatus in Pioneer Square. The evening was described as "magical" by several guests, including Artist Ten Hundred, who did live painting at the event. It's feedback like that, that makes all of the work even more special and I am grateful to everyone who came to the dinner! Your support of this new concept means so much and I will always remember this.

Tonight was magical...
— Ten Hundred
(from l-r) chef brandt bishop, meme montemayor, artist ten hundred, me, james riemer (not pictured, santa maria who was a part of the team too!)

(from l-r) chef brandt bishop, meme montemayor, artist ten hundred, me, james riemer (not pictured, santa maria who was a part of the team too!)

A special thanks also to Chef Brandt Bishop who created an amazing 5-course, family style meal that everyone raved about, to Ten Hundred for his 6-hour live painting session, and Santa Maria Rivera who provided brilliant music. Also to James Riemer at The Kitchen by Delicatus for being a genius team member with helping me plan and execute on everything. James is a true, first-class professional and I highly recommend booking your event at The Kitchen with him. Meme Montemayor is a friend with similar business interests (we're currently working on a project together) who rolled up her sleeves to work and make the evening wonderful too (she also did this for MasterChef Amanda Saab's Bake a Naked Cake class).... Jim and Michele McCarthy are my friends and partners who have been here every step of the way, nurturing the creation of a meaningful project like this. This is a group of people I am so grateful for and want to continue working with! Thank you to everyone for coming into alignment to make the Pop:Luck special for our guests! xo

I was basking in the glow the rest of the weekend... The warmth and openness of all the people I talked with, all the amazing food, the beautiful table and space.
— Guest Preeti Mehta

How the Pop:Luck Came To Be

A lot of people ask about how the Pop:Luck came to be so I'd like to share that with everyone. One day several months ago I was walking with my son downtown near Pike Place Market, and we stopped by the Four Seasons landing on 1st to take pictures of the Great Wheel. I never really paid attention before, but on this particular day, the gorgeous empty space of Vespolina, which is right there, jumped out at me and I thought, "Wow, that beautiful space and it's just sitting there empty." At the time, I was also wanting to bring a different type of event to the city. So what clicked in my brain was that we should be occupying empty spaces like this for events that involve food, art and music. I started researching other empty restaurants and putting together a high-level plan that would involve a series of taking over these empty restaurants throughout the summer. Then I started networking. Fast forward and I met with the wonderful folks at the Downtown Seattle Association who really backed this and wanted to help bring to life. (A special mention to Andi Pratt, who was with DSA at the time, who I mainly worked with and was wonderful.) Andi made the suggestion that they have all of these other empty buildings downtown too, waiting for demolition, that could be interesting spots as well. I thought this was even better, the thought of resurrecting these dead spaces and turning them into something great before they're gone forever. We kept moving forward. But then you get to reality and reality just made this too difficult to tackle right away. (Ah-hem, all of the permits it would take plus the cost.) Yes, I tried to think of creative ways around the multiple permits... And in a discussion with Jim and Michele, it was discovered that "Potlucks" are one way to escape some of this! So it turned into the thought of "Potluck, PopUps in these empty spaces with art and music too... Cool!" But still, there were too many roadblocks. 

We wanted to resurrect empty spaces in downtown Seattle awaiting demolition by holding “Potluck, PopUps” in them throughout the summer.

I still loved the idea of integrating a potluck into the mix somehow.... But knew we now needed to pursue this in an already established and permitted venue. At this time, the word, "Pop:Luck" was born and I found The Kitchen by Delicatus. 

I couldn't have asked for a better evening and we have interest from everyone for more. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the photos below of the evening. Thank you again to everyone for being a part of this super evening.

(Oh! And if anyone is interested in pursuing the "empty spaces" idea, send me a note and we'll chat.)

Tulips from Pike Place Market for the Table

The Evening

(From L to R): Chef Brandt working his magic, Recently retired player for the Seattle Sounders Cam Weaver, more Chef Brandt, Friends and Supporters Andrea Gillis, Preeti Mehta and me, The Table

The Atmosphere

Ten Hundred's Finished Piece

If you have any questions or want to know about the Pop:Luck, then please reach out to me!