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We are thrilled to have you visit us at Foodie Empire, an endeavor bred from the love of sitting at the table with our family members, friends, loved ones, neighbors and co-workers, people just like you and I, who create gorgeous experiences through food. 

My day-to-day includes the production of Season One, an original series shot with a GoPro HERO4, that highlights local Seattle Foodies. Expect to see magic from a KEXP DJ, a special episode on Green Plate Special with young foodies in the making, flaming steaks, garden to table pizzas, gorgeous ethnic fusions and of course, wildly talented and creative people.

Dana dyksterhuis, foodie empire creator

Dana dyksterhuis, foodie empire creator

It also involves storytelling as a critical part of the mission. We are here to bring you more stories beyond the Season One episodes that include shorter videos, blog posts and news on Foodies, restaurants, Chefs and everyone involved in making Seattle an incredible city for foodies.

I'm also working to bring you Pop:Lucks (more details coming soon!), classes and meals from foodies and Chefs... Please stay tuned! Thank you for your support of Foodie Empire... Love, Dana Dyksterhuis




We are so fortunate to have some amazing artists share their music with us! You will be able to hear their music in the episodes, but in the meantime, please feel free to check them out in the links below and take a listen!

Danny McCarthy: 

Family friend who skyrocketed to stardom as the creator of "League of Legends" Theme Song, "Silver Scrapes." Also the composer for "The Last Act" as heard during the NFL's Super Bowl XLVIII, in addition to being the composer for numerous movie trailers. We are incredibly grateful to Danny for sharing some of his genius work with us.... Thank you for this generous, wonderful gift Danny!

Bazile Mills:

We would also like to introduce Bazile Mills out of Omaha, Nebraska to you. This is another special band as our connection goes way back to Grade School at St. Pius X/St. Leo where Vocalist Dave Mainelli and Dana attended. We also know member Tim Rozmazjl who is married to a dear High School friend! Bazile Mills is recognized as one of the hottest up-and-coming bands in the area and we thank them for their generosity in sharing their music as well. (All members include Dave Mainelli, Laura Streeter, Tim Rozmazjl, Sam Vetter, Dan Stein and Robb Clemans.)

Jon Pray:

Look out world here comes Jon Pray! (Sorry if we're embarrassing you Jon but your elders are just so proud of you!) Jon is another family friend, the son of one of Dana's best friends from Omaha Mercy High School, Rebecca Pray and her husband Kevin. (Oh yeah, they have a total of FOUR sons!) Jon is headed off to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln this Fall with a focus on Pre-Law Ag Econ, but he also has the wonderful gift of music in his blood. You will hear some solo music from Jon in our series, as well as music from his band No Comply. Thank you for sharing your talents with us Jon!   

McCarthy Tech:

Foodie Empire is possible thanks to the support of McCarthy Tech which includes utilizing The Core Protocols to ship beautiful products fast. Thank you Jim and Michele McCarthy for your partnership, support, friendship and love.

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