Please meet Geoff and Rick.... The very first people to say "Yes!" to doing a Foodie Empire episode. They were the perfect people to feature as they've known Meg Andrews, who was a major help for their episode, for many years (all the way back to Denver days when Geoff used to throw underground dinner parties). Meg has sat at their table for dinner many times throughout the years... And how wonderful that they all ended up here in Seattle! 

Thank you Geoff and Rick for your generosity and for opening up your lives for this project. Thank you also Meg for thinking of these amazing people and introducing them to this adventure. Stay tuned as their episode is being worked on as we speak! You'll find flaming steaks (a method of cooking that's truly unique and involves a blow torch on frozen meat), wonderful people and a gorgeous kitchen with a view of the Puget Sound from West Seattle.

Love, Dana 

Foodie Empire Honoree, Geoff Kann Episode

Foodie Empire Honoree: Geoff Kann Trailer

"Seattle is home. Everything feels right. The air is right, the food is right...Here it's like a cornucopia of craziness... It's really fun to cook with it and opens up the vistas of things I can cook. I wouldn't go anywhere else." Geoff Kann, Foodie Empire Honoree