We're thrilled to introduce you to Green Plate Special... A Foodie Empire Honoree and incredibly special place. While running errands in my neighborhood, I would routinely drive past a precious little corner with a gorgeous garden... The sign read "Green Plate Special." Curious about what this place was I of course went to Google. When I read about how truly wonderful they are, I knew they'd be a perfect place to highlight and help bring attention to. So I reached out to them.

Thank you so much to Laura Waltner, who was incredibly responsive and receptive to my outreach... Especially because Foodie Empire had ZERO presence out there! Big thank you also to Laura Dewell who started Green Plate Special and opened their world to us... To Brian Robbins who joined in on the interview fun, Jeff Konkle, volunteer Claudia as well as the other volunteers and interns... And of course, a major shout-out to all of the kids! They were incredible!

I hope you enjoy their feature and if you get a chance, check them out here for more information on all the wonderful things they're doing!

Love, Dana