Let me introduce you to Larena Hatley! Larena is also a member of the Seattle Foodies group and comes from Texas where she brings with her authentic and amazing Tex-Mex cooking. Larena and her boyfriend are also avid BBQ'ers and hold regular "Game Nights" at their place for loved ones. In fact, they took this passion and created "Nerd Night Out," a fundraiser at Columbia Tower for Food Lifeline. Nerd Night Out brings people from the community together to play all sorts of board and card games! (Including The Oatmeal's "Exploding Kittens" card game from his Kickstarter campaign).

The rest of Larena's episode is being shot the beginning of October so we'll have more later! Thank you so much Larena for being a part of this journey and we look forward to seeing more from you! (Oh and a little fun fact.... Larena's boyfriend made a BBQ Sauce so exceptional, a local, famous Chef will be using it at one of his restaurants... More on this later too...).

Love, Dana

Watch the most genius way to cut bell peppers ever via Foodie Empire Honoree, Larena Hatley

Foodie Empire Honoree, Larena Hatley Trailer