It is an honor to introduce Leon Berman as one of our foodies! People in Seattle know Leon from KEXP and his Friday night show, "Shake The Shack." What a thrill it is for him to open up his world beyond the station for this endeavor! When people ask who our foodies are and I mention Leon, everyone lights up and ask how this came to be. When we were looking for people for this first season I really wanted a local celebrity. I absolutely love KEXP and everything about it, so sent an email to their general inbox telling them about this project and asking if any of their DJ's happened to be foodies. Well, Leon responded right away and the rest is history!

What a gift it is to have him. Thank you Leon and to all of your loved ones for being a part of this. And for doing so with open, welcoming arms, even letting me bring my son Axel along on one of the interviews. Stay tuned for Leon's episode which features shopping at Uwajimaya and cooking for coaches on a beautiful Snohomish evening (fire pit and all).  

Love, Dana