If you want to experience food as art, that is brilliantly delicious too with perfect flavors, then you need to have a meal from Som Kesa. It's an honor to introduce you to Som, who I met through the Seattle Foodies Facebook group. When I first joined, I noticed her pictures immediately... They were always gorgeous. So one day I asked, "Are you a trained Chef or self-taught?" Som said she's totally self-taught and when I heard this I said, "We need to talk!" From there, Meg and I have gotten to know Som and her husband Larry and son Jasper over many meals, including through DYNE, which is a fantastic startup in Seattle. I crave all of her cooking regularly, especially her "Chicken and Waffles" which is unlike anything I've had before!

Som is incredible... Thank you for watching her episode and her food which integrates authentic Thai cooking into her magic. Thank you Som for being a part of this journey, including the acceptance of my son Axel for one of your shoots! And it was great having Meg as part of the team who could help tell your story too. We look forward to doing a lot more with Som and can't wait to tell you more.

Love, Dana