My Tribute to DYNE

Many of you might not know DYNE, but it is very near to my heart.  Where I am today, I owe partially to DYNE.

It is official now that DYNE will cease its operations.  I love to cook and entertain.  I love to dazzle people with food. But opening a restaurant or starting a food truck are not options for me because cooking could become a mundane chore, no longer art!  With DYNE, I could cook whatever I wanted and whenever I felt like it.  It was perfect for me.  I am writing this with tears in my eyes.  I know that nothing lasts forever but I feel like I lost a friend, a close friend.

Participating with DYNE pushed me to do my best.  I no longer had to put a lid on my culinary creativity.  I had an excuse to get up in the morning and cook all day in my pajamas to perfect my dishes for DYNE dinners.  My husband, Larry, would give me a blessing instead of making fun of me! 

Most of all, I would not be discovered by Foodie Empire and certainly would not be writing a blog here. Thank you DYNE for believing in me and opening a new door for me.

I am forever grateful to DYNE.