Dyne To Remember

One of the items on my bucket list is to have some kind of career in food but I know for sure that I don't want to open a restaurant or start a food truck. I am afraid that cooking will become a mundane chore and might dampen my love for it.  I delight in creating new food combinations and love to see people's reaction to my food.  It's gratifying when you can do something that people appreciate and enjoy.  I don't have any other artistic talents.  I don't paint, sew, knit, play musical instruments, etc.  Food is my thang!  

One day our dear friend, Matt, who knew about my desire to offer my culinary skills to a wider audience showed me a new app called Dyne.  I was so excited since I could cook from my own home, cook whenever I felt like it, and whatever my heart desired.  I applied right away and started hosting dinners at my house in December 2014.   In the beginning phrase of Dyne, it was about home cooks.  Anyone who was approved by Dyne could post dinners on the app and have guests over their houses.  It was weird at first to go to other peoples' houses for dinner or to have some complete strangers over to my house.  But it turned out fun and I have met so many wonderful people, wonderful friends!! I also went to several of Dyne dinners, dinners by Maestro, Sophie, Chris, etc.  Although I cook all kinds of cuisine, I chose to concentrate on Thai. I want to showcase Thai cuisine and wanted people to know what authentic Thai food tasted like.  Unfortunately, many Thai restaurants here tend to serve Americanized Thai, too sweet and lacking flavor complexity.  These restaurants would not survive in Thailand!

I was one of the most prolific cooks on Dyne. I offered Northern Thai specialties, Northeast Thai Favorites, Thai Fusion Dinner, Valentine's Dinner, Obsession with Pork Belly, etc.  I also ventured out cooking Burmese food, and offered some cooking classes/demonstrations. I even offered "Pad Thai To Go" once a month.  It was quite a production making 30 servings of pad Thai, each wrapped in banana leaves!

In June, Dyne changed its format to showcase professional chefs instead of home cooks.  It was unfortunate but I could understand the logic behind it since there were not enough dedicated home cooks.  Dyne was so generous to grant me "professional cook" status. I branded myself as AweSom Supper Club and continued to offer my dinners from home. Through Dyne, I had a chance to cook in a professional kitchen, serving 33 people, through my one and only pop-up at Bellini.  Thanks to Barb, Lydia, my husband Larry, and my son Jasper, we managed to pull off four course dinner (Modernist Contemporary Thai) without a glitch. It was stressful but also fun.

Nothing lasts forever and it's true with my relationship with Dyne.  It will continue to have a special place in my heart.  I am ending my Dyne career with tonight's dinner, Thai-Tex-Mex.  I am cooking my heart out to create lasting memories for my guests.  I want them to remember this dinner and most of all remember Dyne!

Thank you Nicholas, Chris, and the Dyne team.