A Tale of the Two Quails

I never know what excites people in the Seattle Foodies group.  One day I posted a picture of my deboned quails and I was surprised to see quite a bit of interest among the foodies. Mind you, it's nothing like 280+ likes I got from my French Apple Tart. Some other food porns I posted got a score of likes.  Who knows?

I prepared the deboned quails for my Thai Tex Mex Dyne dinner. First I removed the wishbone and cut the joints between the body and the wing, then carefully removed the breast bone and back bone from the body.  It's not easy but it got easier after I did 10 of them. The quails were marinated overnight in Thai light soy sauce and maple syrup and then stuffed with a mixture of homemade chorizo and rice.  I sous vide the quails for two hours at 140F.  When the quails were done, they were stuck together so I carefully pried them apart and reshaped them as well as I could.  The quails were ready to be pan seared to golden brown skin and then roasted again in high temperature to heat the birds through and through.

The quails were served with white jasmine rice, refried beans, and panang mole sauce I made by adding dark chocolate and sesame paste to my traditional panang curry. The sauce turned dark and seductively rich with a hint of chocolate!

For greens, I sautéed our home grown swiss chard with some garlic and olive oil.  I placed some greens on the plate and then laid the roasted quails on top, followed by swirls of panang mole, a drizzle of green salsa, and a pool of salsa fresca.  The plate was beautiful with vibrant colors.  I want my food to be beautiful, with proper temperature.  I grabbed my iPhone to take a quick shot of my masterpiece.

Only after the guests left, I was relaxing while doing five loads of dishes, I noticed something!  I showed it to my husband and he couldn't stop laughing about it.  I captured one of the demure lady-like quail and one not so lady-like.  I apologize in advance if some of you find it offensive but I think some of you might find it amusing. Here I present you- Food Porn Two Ways!