Easy Peasy Crispy Duck

Crispy duck in less than half an hour from start to finish?  Is it possible? You betcha!

I have made roast ducks before, numerous times.  When I eat duck what I want is crispy skin. I don't care as much about the meat. Think Peking duck! To get crispy duck skin, it's quite an involved process.  You have to rub the skin first with salt and baking soda and leave it to dry. You have to poke the skin before roasting and keep poking the skin and draining the fat many times before the golden duck emerges!

Even so, I have not been totally satisfied with my homemade crispy duck.  They are not crispy enough for me. I want thick crispy skin that makes crunchy noise when you bite on it!  Will that be possible?

It's easier than you think.  I will let you in on my secret.

I don't get my duck from grocery stores.  I get mine at........Chinese BBQ joints.  Just buy a whole one from a BBQ place that you like. Tell them not to cut up your duck!  Chinese BBQ duck is very reasonably priced, just a couple of dollars more than the frozen one at a grocery store. I think it's a very smart way to enjoy the duck without much work. There are plenty of Chinese BBQ joints now in Seattle.  There are even a couple of them near where I live.  Hallelujah! I remember when we had to go to the International District every time we wanted BBQ duck.  No more!

Once you have secured a nice golden brown plump roasted duck, restrain yourself from nibbling on it. I know I am guilty of that. First you need to remove the bones . This is how to do it: Remove the head with neck attached first. Cut the duck down the breast bone then open it up like a book and remove all the bones.  This is easier to do when the duck is cold so I normally buy my duck the day before.  Once all the bones are removed, flip it over and cut off the two drumsticks and the wings. That could be your snack, cook's prerogative!  Now you have a flat piece of boneless duck, ready to be crisped up.  Don't forget to save all those bones and make soup with a tablespoon or so of miso.  You now have another item to serve with your duck dish.

Put the boneless duck in a big pan that holds the duck comfortably over medium heat, once you hear sizzling sounds, reduce the heat to medium low or low. Do not use high heat, you will burn the skin before it gets a chance to crisp up. No need to put any oil in the pan. Let the duck cook slowly to draw out the excess fat and to crisp up the skin.  This might seem like forever but be patient, a good five minutes or so.  You will be rewarded with thoroughly golden crispy crackly duck skin.  Then turn the duck over to heat the other side, which should take only a minute or so otherwise your duck will dry out. Take the duck out of the pan and rest it skin side up on a cutting board.  Once it's cool enough to handle, slice the duck into pieces or however you would like to serve it.  One duck should be enough to serve 4 people, unless one of the the diner is my son!

Here are some suggestions.

Crepes with crispy duck and spicy hoisin sauce (fashioned after Peking duck with Chinese pancakes) (search for my post on this one!)

Teriyaki sweet potato noodle salad with crispy duck (search for my post on this one too!)

Crispy duck spring rolls with hoisin, fig, chipotle sauce (coming soon)

Crispy duck with Chinese steamed buns and crushed sweet peanuts (coming soon)

Crispy duck with sweet green tea sauce

Crispy duck with tamarind maple glaze.

Crispy duck tacos..........

I don't know about you but I see another duck in the very near future!

cripsy duck.JPG

Crispy duck resting before serving.

De-boned duck

De-boned duck