Holidays, Food and Family: What "Tradition" Means

While turkey, cranberries and dressing are a holiday tradition for many, what makes them tradition is because they're a part of a bigger picture that creates wonderful memories for friends, family and loved ones. A bigger picture that's about gathering together, being grateful for your blessings and celebrating your traditions no matter what they are!

My friends Steph and Toby Rawlinson introduced me to the Dore and Kortright families and I am so grateful for this as they are wonderful people with beautiful family traditions. So now let me introduce them to you! Thank you to Irma Dore for sharing your 2015 Thanksgiving story with us... We look forward to getting to know you and your family more!

Our traditions are not traditional!
— Irma Dore, Seattle Foodie

Seattle Holidays

"Our traditions are not traditional! First of all, none of us like turkey so we always do a rib roast. I also do the sides and desserts. I will comb through the current food magazines, primarily Bon Appetit and Food & Wine. I pick recipes that sound interesting and tasty. Usually there is one dish that my family says, ' mom, don't do that one again!' We always have my son's amazing mashed potatoes except for this year. I gave him a break because we had just had them for another gathering, but he will do them at Christmas!"

Friends, Family and Loved Ones

"We always have a different group attending, whether it's another family or 'orphans' who join us. This year for Thanksgiving we opted to keep it to just the nine of us. The big joke in my family is, 'What time will we eat???' I think they have started a betting pool. This year it was 8 pm! We were true to our Latin culture of eating a late dinner! I just hate to have a time frame when I am in the kitchen all day, enjoying my family and drinking wine... This year my daughter-in-law and I were side by side.... She made the desserts. Thank goodness I have two ovens!!"

Thanksgiving Rib Roast

The Thanksgiving Menu (perfect for any holiday)

Seattle Foodie, Irma Dore's Thanksgiving Menu
  • Crostini with Beecher's Cheese assortment and French Bakery Baguettes
  • Rib Roast crusted with Fresh Herbs "from my mother's garden," Sea Salt "from an eastern Europe country on the Mediterranean Sea (a gift from a friend)"
  • Scalloped Potatoes with Thyme and Shallots
  • Blistered Green Beans with Tomato Pesto
  • Pull-apart Potato Bread
  • Sautéed Mushrooms 
  • Gravy w/ Red Wine, Caramelized Onions and Shallots
  • Greg's steelhead salmon with a "Secret Sauce"
  • Salted-Caramel Cheesecake with a Brownie Crust, "Alyssa did it without a recipe!", Lemon Meringue Pie, "My dad's request" and Pumpkin Pie, "My mom and i are the only ones that like it."

"Alyssa, put it best. 'Thanksgiving for us is about family time and sharing with friends that have become family. We are a fortunate group in that we are able to see each other pretty frequently but it's often taken for granted. So I think when Thanksgiving comes along, as untraditional as our food may be, we put in a lot more care and quality time, really enjoying each other and being so grateful to have what we have and who we have.'"

Cheers to the Dore-Kortright family... We will definitely have more on them soon including wine tastings with the family Matriarch, Theresa.