Food Trend via Allrecipes: Homemade Butter

There were so many amazing topics that came out of the 2015 International Food Bloggers Conference (IFBC) in Seattle and one I keep coming back to is how homemade, flavored butters are on the rise. This trend was presented by Allrecipes along with other homemade trends; Horseradish, Pesto, Bread, German Chocolate Cake and Strawberry Cake. (You can discover more trends by Allrecipes in their IFBC presentation here.)

Thank you Terri Ann Johnson for being the Foodie Empire Ambassador during the the 2015 Conference and sharing so much wonderful information from the weekend!

Here is more on homemade, flavored butters: 

Radish Butter

I've only recently come across this idea of Radish Butter and love it. Here is "Matt & Ted Lee's Radish Butter Recipe" I came across on The Kitchn I would love to try. 

Another alternative is to enjoy a baguette with butter and radishes like this recipe from The New York Times. This simple snack reminds me of my childhood and is very fresh and tasty. 

Radish Butter
Green Beans in Butter Herb Sauce.jpg

Herb Butter

What a simple, lovely extra step to take when adding butter to your veggies, breads or meat. I love this recipe from Ina Garten.

It uses garlic, scallions, fresh dill, fresh flat-leaf parsley, lemon, salt and pepper.


Bottlehouse, Seattle: House-Made Butter with Sea Salt + Local Honey

For when you're out on the town and craving a scrumptious baguette then look no further than Bottlehouse in the Madrona neighborhood if you're in Seattle. Their menu is generally amazing including seasonal toasts and the atmosphere, perfect. A big part of this is because of all of the special touches that go a long way. One such touch is their house-made butter with sea salt and local honey. This creamy delight is brilliant and wonderful with a glass of wine. When you can find a restaurant or cafe that puts thought and care into simple pleasures like this, it's definitely worth the visit.

2016 International Food Blogger Conference

For more tips and trends, The IFBC is a great event to attend. Early bird discounts for tickets to the 2016 IFBC in Sacramento are still available through December 31, 2015. Please click on this link to register!