Holidays in Memphis: Adore Hog & Hominy

I absolutely have a "style" of restaurant I love. Yes, the cuisine must be wonderful, but no matter the type of cuisine, this style is all about the ambience... Cozy, chic, accessible, beautiful. While on holiday in Memphis visiting family, it is my pleasure to share such a place in Hog & Hominy.

If you find yourself in Memphis, please visit! A "GQ Most Outstanding Restaurant of 2013" along with dozens of other accolades, Hog & Hominy is part of a recent little development called "Brookhaven Circle" which stands out to me as one of the most unique areas I've seen with restaurants that make up what appears to be a residential circle. What looks like charming, southern, ranch-style homes are actually restaurants like Hog & Hominy and another Award-Winning location, Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen Here's a peek into our evening:

Peanut Butter Pie Y'all!

Hog & Hominy Accolades

Other notable dishes on my list to try: Wood Fired Oysters, Crab Claws, the Love Child Pizza and Guanciale with Lady Peas, Chicken Liver Pate, Saba and Persimmon. 

For more on Hog & Hominy, check out their Facebook page here