Foodie Christmas Tradition: Pan de Polvo (Mexican Wedding Cookies)

Larena Hatley Pan de Polvo Christmas Cookies

It was a pleasure spending the morning with Foodie Empire Honoree Larena Hatley while baking a giant batch of Pan de Polvo cookies; A cherished recipe from her days of growing up in South Texas. This batch was for a fundraiser at the Columbia Tower Club benefiting "Big Table," an organization that helps those in the restaurant and hospitality industry when in crisis. A little baking, and a little love, and Larena's cookies raised $125 for the non-profit.

Pan de Polvo Cookies

"Growing up in South Texas, Pan de Polvo cookies were always my favorite. Friends and neighbors always had these cookies at weddings, showers, parties and sometimes just for sale during the winter months. My old next door neighbor's, Mrs. Adita Saldana's were my absolute favorite! Kissed - okay, practically slobbered - with just the right amount of cinnamon, sugar and anise, these cookies melt in your mouth - and sometimes break in your hand! I have never met a broken Pan de Polvo cookie I didn't like!"

Kissed with the right amount of cinnamon, sugar and anise these cookies melt in your mouth!
— Larena Hatley, Seattle Foodie

Larena's recipe is a secret however here is a version from Eva Longoria to try... Enjoy!