Indian Food Feast from Som Kesa

Som Kesa Indian Food Feast

Som Kesa has been playing around in the kitchen again... This time straying from her traditional Thai food or Thai fusion and attempting Indian food. You never would have guessed that she's new to Indian food cooking because every bite was brilliant. Not only that, but she didn't tackle just one dish, but FIVE for dinner plus dessert... Each dish unbelievable and I can't wait to try more!

Indian Food Feast

Chicken Curry with Potatoes, Garbanzo Curry with Mango Powder, Carrot Curry in Onion Sauce, Spinach and Dal Curry and Lamb Kofta with Raita, Tomato Chutney with Jalapeño, Basmati Rice and Homemade Flat Bread. Dessert: Banana Custard Cake with Salted Coconut Gel.

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