Red Wine in the Summer? Yes!

When you get the opportunity to hang out with one of Seattle's most well-known wine connoisseurs, well, you know you're in for a treat. 

Recently Jameson Fink and I went to the lovely Le Caviste to catch up. I've met Jameson before when he was with The Bottlehouse in Madrona but it had been awhile since we've seen each other. It was great fun hearing about the new adventures in his life as well as his thoughts on the most exciting wine destinations in his eyes.... (Madeira and Tasmania).

Exciting wine destinations: Madeira and Tasmania.
— Jameson Fink

But another big surprise for me was the wine he ordered. When you're with Jameson, well, you let Jameson choose (he is a wine expert after all). He chose a red. 

I asked him, "Red in the summer?" Not to mention, it was in the 90's this week... But yes! Red in the summer! More specifically, a Beaujolais. And it was wonderful. 

I asked Jameson to give his thoughts for this post. Thank you Jameson for sharing your expertise!

"If you’re a red wine fanatic and don’t give a hoot about the heat, I strongly urge you to chill out...your bottle. Really any red wine can become summer-worthy if you pop it in the fridge for an hour. And grab some shade in which to enjoy it. 

Though just as high temperatures necessitate less cumbersome clothing (jeans give way to jorts), do consider lighter-style reds. Beaujolais is my go-to. Whether a refreshing Beaujolais-Villages or a surprisingly complex bottle from one of the top sites or “crus”, these wines made from the Gamay grape are summer-tastic." - Jameson Fink

Please be sure to check out Jameson's wonderful Wine Blog here. (It is quite opulant with great depth.)