"Gain Confidence Through Failing and Trying Again." An Interview with Chef Jason Wilson

We love it when we can integrate the voice of brilliant, acclaimed Chefs into what we're doing, especially when they take the time to offer us tidbits that will help us up our game in the kitchen! 

We recently caught up with Chef Jason Wilson of Crush (just announced today, August 7, 2015, that they are closing) and Miller's Guild at a private event at TheVUDE. Thank you so much Chef for your generosity in sharing your culinary advice for us!


At Home in the Kitchen

"I generally do simple, family-style foods from the grill. We live in a condo so there isn't a garden, just farmers markets. I will usually grill some good fish or meat and vegetables, some fruits and make some simple grain and vegetable salads, served with an easy herb-driven vinaigrette (chunky)."


On Upping Your Game in the Kitchen

"Gain confidence through failing and trying again. When you cook, use common sense... Ultimately you aren't saving lives or the world.... Relax and enjoy the process. The process must always be driven by the best ingredients. If you don't know how to get them, then Google "Farm in Seattle," drive out there and spend an hour learning what a certain fresh vegetable is."

Mind-Blowing Meals From Friends and Family  

"I have been totally blessed with my friendships and the talent level of their cooking is pretty high. AND these are not professional chefs which should indicate how much our food scene has changed. Everything from Veal Tonnato, dry aged steaks, handmade pasta, bread, Kvass and Piima Cream I have enjoyed from my good friend Frank Artale. His pasta will rival any chef I know."

On "Trends"

I try not to pay attention, but I can say that farm fresh, local produce is still popular.
— Chef Jason Wilson

#Prediction: (What is going to rise in popularity?)

Photo on right: "Fermented Rosehip Soda" via And Here We Are....

Examples of How To Take Simple To Impressive

  1. Ricotta, flavored with anything
  2. Modern Chimichurri

Favorite Seattle Restaurants

I really like Kappo Tamura (sushi) and Bakery Ines... Pho Cycle for pho!!! And the creativity and daring nature of Lark, Canlis and The Herbfarm.
— Chef Jason Wilson
Dana's Photos: Chef Jason Wilson is spot on... Canlis is truly magical and never disappoints. I took these photos of my Aunt Tina and I when she was in town from Chicago.

A "Crush" Secret 

"The house was built in 1903. We lived there for a year during renovations and the front dining room is called 'Cole's Room' because our cat (who has that name) would camp out in the window."

(New since Blog first written: According to the Seattle Met, the last night of service at Crush will be August 28, 2015.)

Dana's Photos: Sitting at the Chef's Table at Crush with friends are some of my most-cherished dining experiences in Seattle. I am really going to miss this restaurant but look forward to Chef Wilson's next adventures. And of course, there is still the wonderful Miller's Guild!


A Miller's Guild Secret

"The inferno is the 3rd one ever made by Grillworks."

(Photo Courtesy Miller's Guild.)



Thank you again Chef Jason Wilson for the chat! We look forward to seeing what else you have in store for the Seattle scene in the near future.

(Photos Below: TheVUDE event)