Experiencing Chavez: A Seattle Times' Top 10 New Restaurant

I've had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people lately including the lovely Ravi and Madhu Sanga, whom I met through Honoree Som Kesa. Like me, Ravi and Madhu are huge supporters of Som and attend her Pop-up dinners regularly. At a recent party, Ravi was telling me about how one of their New Year's Resolutions was to try every restaurant on a Seattle Times Top 10 New Restaurant article and they were going to begin with Chavez in Capitol Hill

I thought this sounded like a lot of fun so asked Ravi if he could take photos for me. He went the extra step and invited me to join them. Thank you Ravi for your generosity and including me in the evening! It was truly a wonderful time sharing a meal with such talented people. 

Here's What I Loved About Chavez

I really loved the atmosphere.... It was very chic and cool and in the future, just on this factor alone, I would go there just to sit at the bar and hang out with a friend over cocktails. Our server was super with the right amount of charm and very attentive. When an order got messed up he handled it very well and worked to make things right with a smile on his face. The Langostino and Crab Tamales were brilliant and the Mahi Mahi Tacos were very good too. The drinks were fun and hit the spot.

Here's What Could Make Chavez Better

The acoustics were horrible (it was very noisy). The wrong vegetarian tacos were brought out to a guest, followed by a very long wait for the right tacos (and I mean very long wait). I would completely skip the Chicken Mole Tacos next time around and am disappointed that the tortilla chips were not made in-house (Som, they need your help here).

The Best Part

Overall, I look at this evening as a perfect example of what it means to bring people together to share a meal. The people I met were fantastic and I learned so much about the amazing work they're doing, their families, their life experiences and their creations in the kitchen. It was an honor to be a part of this and learn about their worlds. I look forward to doing more with them!

Chavez Seattle

Chavez Seattle

Ravi also spent some time sharing his thoughts on the evening. Here is what he had to say:

What It Means To Bring People Together Over a Meal

"The gathering was a group of friends where we can enjoy each others company, get to know each other better, maybe even meet somebody new and different and we can learn from each other as well. We also like to try fun, new gourmet restaurants!"

Friends + Food

"The group was a gathering of wonderful and fun mutual friends who do amazing things. My friend Linda Floyd inspires me to organize these get togethers. Her husband David D'Souza was one of the innovators of Windows 95 and now owns his own mobile phone app company, Moprise International. Linda is also the director of the Kiran Anjali Project; A Nonprofit that aims to provide education to girls from underprivileged families."

The Evening

Ravi Sanga quote on Chavez in Capitol Hill, Seattle

"Fun, but the place was a bit noisy. More attention needs to be made to the timing of spices when introduced to dishes, otherwise flavors can be lost. I was just happy to be at the table with everyone."

With nine more restaurants, pop-ups and events in general, I look forward to doing more with Ravi and Madhu and their experiences with the Seattle food scene. Thank you to the Sanga's for your generosity and for being cherished Foodie Empire members!