Daring + Delicious Ice Cream Flavors by Seattle's Balleywood Creamery

Balleywood Ice Cream Flavors

I am always impressed with people's creativity, especially when they take risks to put themselves out there with their craft. This most certainly is the case with Karen Kinbar, creator of Balleywood Creamery and how she pushes the boundaries with flavors for her ice creams. 

I recently had the pleasure of spending some time with Karen for an ice cream tasting and wine pairing... What a perfect afternoon! And with flavors such as Szechuan Carrot, Silk Road Squash with Indian Spices and Sweet Potato Streusel that Karen has served up, I knew I was in for a real treat. Thank you Karen for sharing your world it is amazing! 

I like using vegetables in ice cream as much as possible.
— Karen Kinbar, Balleywood Creamery

Szechuan Carrot Ice Cream with Buzz Buttons and Bubbly

This was a genius creation by Karen and I love her simple story with how they came to be a part of this ice cream flavor. Always curious, Karen saw a beautiful little plant with bright yellow buds when at Marx Foods one day...  "What are those?!" she asked. When hearing that Buzz Buttons have been used as a medicinal treatment (sometimes referred to as the "Toothache Plant" she wanted to integrate them somehow. (Btw, when you do eat a small piece of the bud in it's raw form, your mouth does tingle.) This ice cream was so tasty, especially with the Bubbly to go with it!

I Love This Customer Quote!

Seattle Balleywood Ice Cream customer quote: "This is so rich that I can't eat a whole pint of it."

Pernod Ice Cream with Lavender and Lemon Curd, Red Wine Chocolate Ice Cream (with Red Wine of course!) and Rose Ice Cream

(For her Rose Ice Cream, Karen uses roses from her rose bushes that she steeps in a simple syrup. When the roses aren't in season, she uses a Pakistani Rose Syrup purchased from The Souk in Pike Place Market.)

Homemade Meringues with Walnuts

We crushed these fresh-out-of-the-oven Meringues (that included toasted walnuts) on top of the ice cream too... Nom

Homemade Meringues by Balleywood Creamery

If you'd like to see what Balleywood Creamery is all about, Karen regularly serves up her ice cream at events throughout Seattle. Check out her website here as well as her Facebook page here to follow her! You can also email Karen at balleywoodcreamery@gmail.com.