Spotlight: Meme Made + Going All In to Inspire Others Through Healthy Cooking, Coaching and Meal-Delivery in Seattle

I wanted to put the spotlight on Marie Montemayor, "Meme" as we all know her! Meme is a totally inspirational person in so many ways, but most recently, she left the corporate and startup world, and went all in on her own business, Meme Made (meal delivery) and Flourish (health coaching). Venturing out on your own takes loads of courage and I applaud Meme for this! Here is what made Meme take the leap: 

I love working with women to create change on the plate and in the heart. My goal is to take the guilt out of food one meal at a time. My relationships with my clients go much deeper than emails, prep tips and Instagram photos: I help them create calm in the chaos of life. I call this SOULwork.
— Meme

Congratulations Meme on your new venture and we are so grateful to you for sharing your story and talents with the community. Below are examples of Meme's style of cooking which is incredible! You can also follow her on Instagram here.

(Left): Sweet + Savory Avocado Toast Topped with Kite Hill Cheese and Vanilla Bean Flake Salt from Jacobsen Salt Company (Right): Lemon Garlic Zoodles with a Runny Egg, Sauerkraut and Green Juice

(Left): Spicy Sweet Potatoes Topped with Poached Eggs (Right): Marinated Flank, Bone Broth, Daikon Radish Noodles, Cabbage, Corn, Onions, Sesame Seeds and a Six-Minute Egg "Dinner is done dude!"

For more on Meme, her coaching, meal-planning and meal delivery, visit her site here.