Som Kesa's "Easy Entertaining Thai-Style" Cooking Class

Congratulations to Som Kesa who has begun offering cooking classes to her fans! Most recently, Som held an "Easy Entertaining, Thai-Style" class in her home for ten people. The group made potstickers, a side dish made from leftover potsticker filling, red chicken curry and black rice pudding with coconut cream for dessert.

Som will continue to have updates on future classes but in the meantime, you can also have Som's dishes delivered to you through Lish. Find her offerings here at this link

Seattle Foodie Empire Honoree Geoff Kann Episode

It is an honor to finally showcase the amazing Geoff Kann and his culinary talents through his feature, shot at his home in West Seattle (with a cocktail outing or two as well)! We cherish Geoff immensely as this is where Foodie Empire began; My vision to tell the stories of brilliant home chefs and how they create beautiful meals for loved ones. As I began looking for foodies to highlight, Geoff was the first one to take a chance on the venture and say "Yes!" thanks to his friendship with Meg Andrews who introduced us and helped organize his episode. If you haven't met her yet, you will also get to meet Rebecca Staffel who is well-known in the Seattle food scene. Rebecca provided the voice-over talent for this episode, along with lots of good insight on picking wine and hosting a Wine Tasting at your dinner party.

I also want to give a shout-out for the musicians in this episode, including Danny McCarthy, who wrote the theme song for "League of Legends," Seattle DJ Yung Futon who created an extensive, custom mix for the series, and Bazile Mills out of Omaha whose lead singer, Dave Mainelli, has been a friend of mine since Grade School. Other band member Tim Rozmajzl and his wife Katie have been friends since High School.

Thank you to everyone for the collaboration, including Jim and Michele McCarthy for whom this series wouldn't be possible without. They have been key to making this happen and have an amazing way of igniting the fire within you to unleash the best of you through beautiful products. 

Thank you so much Geoff and Rick for opening up your worlds and sharing it with all of us! Now on to his magic, which features a gorgeous meal including steaks cooked with a blow-torch! (Yes, you must see this...) xo  

How to Choose Wine for a Wine Tasting at Your Dinner Party via Dinner Guest + Friend Rebecca Staffel

I hope you enjoy Geoff's episode and smile at his amazing talents... Thank you again Geoff and Rick for opening up your home to us, it is truly an honor getting to know you! You can see more on Geoff on his dedicated page here.

Up next, I'll be working on Seattle KEXP Leon Berman's episode which features him creating quite the feast for football coaches and their families! Catch a sneak peek here.

Spotlight: Inspirational Dishes by Som Kesa This Week

Look at these beautiful, amazingly creative dishes recently made by our Honoree, Som. 

(Top Row): Coconut Sticky Rice and Home-Cured White Anchovies (Bottom Row): Anticuchos with Herb Salad and Aji Amarillo Sauce, and Steamed, Stuffed Shrimp with Two Sauces, Garlic Oil, Fried Pickled Shallots, Stuffed with Shrimp Meat, Garlic, Lemongrass and Coriander.

To follow Som's creations in the kitchens, please check out her Blog here and stay tuned for some exciting news she has coming soon!

Queen Anne's Eden Hill Dishes Inspire Som Kesa to Recreate at Home

Eden Hill's Tasting Menu

Eden Hill's Tasting Menu

If you haven't heard yet, Eden Hill in Queen Anne is generating a lot of buzz lately including Executive Chef and Owner Maximillian Petty receiving national attention as a 2016 James Beard Foundation "Rising Star of the Year" nominee, as well as being recognized locally as one of Seattle Magazine's "Top 20 Most Talented People in Seattle" right now. I haven't personally been to Eden Hill yet, but friends say it's a truly unique dining experience with loads of charm and I can't wait to go.

When cooking, we all find inspiration in all sorts of places... Definitely from Chefs and restaurants, and definitely from our friends and family members who we share meals with. Seattle Foodie Som Kesa, who I haven't been shy about talking how brilliantly delicious her food is, recently found inspiration from Eden Hill after going for the Tasting Menu which is beautiful! Som is always wanting to push the limits of her talents and was inspired to recreate a couple of the dishes at home which we are sharing here. Thank you for sharing Som!

Crudo: Scallops, Pickled Sunchoke, Buttermilk, Basil and Lemon Oil

Som Kesa Remakes Seattle Eden Hill's Crudo

Confit Beets with Burrata

Som Kesa Beets with Burrata Inspired by Eden Hill

For more on Eden Hill, please visit their Facebook page here or their website and congratulations to Chef Maximillian and team for the accolades!

Foodie Empire Honoree: Larena Hatley Trailer

Please say hello to our final Season One Honoree, Larena Hatley. Larena holds an annual fundraiser for Food Lifeline called "Nerd Night Out" at the Columbia Tower and hails from Texas so does brilliant, authentic Tex-Mex at home. Thank you Larena for sharing your story! Here is a sneak peek into her world.

Quotes We Love: KEXP's Leon Berman on the Diversity of Food in Seattle's Rainier Valley

KEXP's Leon Berman on growing up in Rainier Valley and how the diversity of food around him still influences him today:

Leon's episode is in progress however you can see more of him here on his dedicated page! And be sure to listen to Shake the Shack, Friday nights beginning at 6! 

Order: AweSom Curries by Som Kesa Available to Order!

AweSom Curries by Som Kesa

Due to overwhelming demand, it is with great excitement that Foodie Empire Honoree Som Kesa would like to announce the availability of her authentic Thai cooking, beginning with Chicken Green Curry and Chicken Panang Curry. Som recently made care packages for her son Jasper, who was in town for the holidays. To ensure he would be sent back to New York a with a loving touch of home, Som created vacuum-sealed meals for him and posted the photos in the Seattle Foodies Facebook Group.

The care packets generated so much excitement, she will now sell them for others! Here are the details:

Week of 1/24/2016: Chicken Green Curry and Chicken Panang Curry

Som has developed a full menu (see below) and will be offering two options weekly. We are taking orders now for this week (week of January 24, 2016) for Som's Chicken Green Curry and Chicken Panang Curry, made fresh to order. 

I will make them the way I make for myself or my family, just like you would find at best food stalls in Thailand.
— Som Kesa
Authentic Thai Curry Packets by Foodie Empire Honoree Som Kesa

Other Details

  • One generous serving per bag, to be served with rice (not included).
  • Curries will last 3-4 days in the fridge.
  • Packets will last in the freezer for at least one month, ready whenever you want!
  • Curries are in industrial vacuum bags.  They are BPA free, microwave and freezer safe.
  • Only the best ingredients are used with no refined sugar or additives. The curry paste is hand-carried from Thailand as is the palm sugar.
  • No fillers like carrots and other unnecessary items you may find in restaurants just to create bulk.
  • Initial discount price of $10 per bag (minimum 5 bags weekly).
  • Curries are crafted in small batch to ensure quality!!!
  • Two options will be provided weekly (and switched up every week!)
  • Minimum 5 bags per order (yes, you can mix and match with the two weekly offerings!)
  • Orders to be picked up at Som's house in Green Lake on Sundays from 10am to 2 pm. (details will be provided when your order is complete) We will try to accommodate your scheduling needs. 
  • The last day to order will be on Friday, with Som shopping and cooking on Saturday for Sunday pick-up in the Green Lake neighborhood.
  • Orders accepted weekly.
  • Order with confidence. Satisfaction guaranteed
  • One free bag with a customer referral with purchase.
  • Free peanut sauce for Foodie Empire members 

Order below for Chicken Panang Curry and/or Chicken Green Curry for the Week of 1/24, 2016 (minimum 5 packets per order, but can mix + match) 

Thank you so much for supporting Som Kesa! I know you'll love her food as I regularly crave her dishes and wish she could be in my kitchen all of the time! Please see Som's full-menu below of items she'll be offering throughout the coming weeks:

Foodie Kitchen Spotlight: Larena Hatley

Foodie Kitchen Spotlight: Larena Hatley

Being in Foodie Empire Honoree Larena Hatley's kitchen is like finding a fun surprise around every corner and in every nook and cranny... It's amazing! From gadgets to spices to artisanal items, it's really fun to explore. As a result, I asked Larena if I could show you what's inside, which she happily said "Yes" to! Here is a little peek.

Read More

Slow Roasted Ribeye With a Torch and Fire via Geoff Kann

Watch Foodie Empire Honoree Geoff Kann cook steaks in the most unique way... Beginning with taking a blow torch to frozen ribeyes.

For more on Geoff, you can find him here. We look forward to showcasing more of his culinary talents including his full episode coming soon!

A Gorgeous, Scrumptious, Festive, Seattle Fusion Feast

A Gorgeous, Scrumptious, Festive, Seattle Fusion Feast

It was an honor to attend a holiday party at the home of Foodie Empire Honoree Som Kesa and her husband Larry. The decorations were beautiful, the guests were wonderful with so many amazing stories and the food of course, was unlike anything I've ever tasted before (as is always the case when being treated to Som's cooking).

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Pear Haymaker Cocktail with a Local Seattle Twist (or two)...

Here's a fantastic, refreshing cocktail for the holiday season (or anytime!) with a local Seattle twist from Rob and Donna Dughiwho are featured Honorees for our Season One.

Inspired by the fresh fruits of the fall season and wanting to create something that would stand out at our Foodie Empire party, Rob and Donna found the Pear Haymaker recipe here in Saveur, that derives from Philadelphia restaurant Talula's Garden. But being in Seattle, they wanted to add their own special touches. So they integrated local Batch 206 Vodka and Rachel's Ginger Beer (which really made the cocktail stand out) and used pear juice vs. using a muddler. The end product was brilliant! 

Pear Haymaker with Batch 206 Vodka and Rachel's Ginger Beer

Season One of Foodie Empire featuring the Dughi's along with our other Honorees is currently in production. Please stay tuned for updates!

The Pear Haymaker Seattle-Style